The MarVis-Graph tool has been developed for integrative analysis of metabolic and transcriptomic high-throughput data. The paper describing MarVis-Graph is currently in review. More information will be provided after acceptance

The MarVis-Graph software is free for academic use. It comes with no guarantee or warranty at all. Use it at your own risk. Please send questions, bug reports and feature requests to marvis(AT)gobics(DOT)de .


Landesfeind M, Kaever A, Feussner K, Thurow C, Gatz C, Feussner I, Meinicke P. (2014) Integrative study of Arabidopsis thaliana metabolomic and transcriptomic data with the interactive MarVis-Graph software. PeerJ 2:e239. DOI:10.7717/peerj.239

The organims-specific network from the publication with integrated metabolic and transcriptomic data is available for download (4mb). It can directly be opened with MarVis-Graph.


MarVis-Graph requires Java 7 to be installed.